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Wash buggies thoroughly with automated tunnel solution

February 22, 2013
By Bakers Journal

cm_process_et_75-webFeb. 22, 2013 – The ET 75, an automated tunnel washing solution from CM
Process Solutions, automatically lifts and mounts each buggy in an
inverted position, to enable the most thorough washing of internal and
external surfaces.

Both 400-pound and 600-pound buggies are recognized by the system, and handled according to size. Each buggy is transported through the system’s tunnel by a stainless steel chain conveyor. After the wash process is completed the buggy is then automatically unloaded and delivered to the floor level allowing the operator to remove.

In the main wash chamber, each buggy is washed by a travelling jet system. Essentially, the buggy stays still inside the chamber while a set of jets wash up and down the length of the buggy at high speed. The jets make 30-35 passes on the stationary buggy, spraying backwards and forwards, to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. The system is supplied with a recirculated hot wash and hot rinse tanks. A fresh sanitizing rinse can also be employed. The system is designed with sloping exterior surfaces where possible, and electrical interlocked service covers, to allow for efficient cleaning.

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