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Sweelin can reduce 40-70% of added sugar in foods and beverages

June 27, 2022
By Bakers Journal

Amai Proteins has created Sweelin, is a sustainable, 100 per cent sweet protein that can reduce 40 to 70 per cent of added sugar in a variety of foods and beverages without changing the consumer taste experience.

The novel proteins mimic proteins that reside in harsh conditions (for example, Dead Sea, hot springs, acidic swamps) and are thus fit for the requirements of the mass food market. These include soft drinks, fruit juices, dairy, alternative dairy products, sauces, spreads, snacks, ketchup, chocolate, peanut butter, energy bars and functional foods.

For this innovation, the company, based in Israel, is the Global Winner of the 2022 Extreme Tech Challenge competition, a start-up competition where more than 2,000 startups from more than 100 countries competed in 10 impact areas including biotechnology, education, financial technology and clean technology.

Ilan Samish, CEO and founder, said: “Amai – ‘sweet’ in Japanese – produces the first great tasting and market-fit 100 per cent protein sweetener via Amai’s Pro3 Platform: Pro-Design AI-CPD (Computational Protein Design), Pro-Planet precision fermentation, and Pro-Taste food technology.”


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