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IBIE announces 2019’s Best in Baking honours

September 4, 2019
By Bakers Journal

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IBIE, in partnership with Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, announced the 2019 BEST in Baking Program top honours and qualifiers who will be recognized and celebrated during the triennial trade show September 7-11, 2019 in Las Vegas.

Launched in 2010, the BEST in Baking was originally developed to recognize suppliers who demonstrated a commitment to sustainability. This year’s IBIE BEST in Baking program has been expanded to recognize both suppliers and bakers who have demonstrated excellence in the industry’s most paramount topics including sanitation, product innovation, and workforce development.

This prestigious program demonstrates IBIE’s commitment to recognizing leadership within the industry and its dedication to supporting the growth and wellbeing of talented suppliers and bakers around the world.

“IBIE offers the optimal platform and opportunity to celebrate innovation, best business practices, and forward-thinking leadership,” said Joe Turano, IBIE Chair. “The companies recognized as 2019’s BEST in Baking qualifiers are leaders in category excellence. They are shining examples of what we can achieve as an industry and we are honoured to highlight their work and achievements. We look forward to the future as we bring industry-defining innovation to the forefront and elevate important issues such as sustainability and workforce development.”


“Innovation is what drives the baking industry—in equipment, plant efficiency, processes, management and how we address global issues impacting our businesses,” commented Chris Luke, Group Publisher, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, part of BNP Media’s Food & Beverage Group in a press release. “As an industry we are resourceful, creative and inspired. The companies being acknowledged are truly leading the growth of the baking industry. We are proud to partner with IBIE on this initiative and we extend our congratulations to this prestigious group of qualifiers.”

Top Honours and qualifiers will be showcased in the BEST in Baking Lounge located in the Grand Concourse of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where show attendees can learn more about the winners.

The 2019 BEST in Baking qualifiers and tops honours are:


  • Cargill | Booth# 451 — TOP HONOURS
  • Bay State Milling | Booth# 7723
  • Ciranda | Booth# 1073
  • Corbion | Booth # 6049
  • DuPont Nutrition & Health | Booth# 5015
  • Holton Food Products | Booth# 232
  • Manildra Group USA | Booth# 2036
  • Palsgaard | Booth# 7389
  • Renmatix | Booth# 212


  • Heuft/Thermo-Oel GmbH & Co. KG | Booth# 7737—TOP HONOURS
  • Air Management Technologies, Inc. | Booth# 6880
  • Bakery Concepts International | Booth# 2735
  • Hayon Manufacturing Corp. | Booth# 936
  • Houdijk Holland | Booth# 7767, 7883
  • Intralox | Booth# 6029
  • Mecatherm (M-TA Oven) | Booth# 6437
  • Mecatherm (M-NS Divider) | Booth# 6437
  • Varimixer | Booth# 4063
  • Topos Modial | Booth# 4931


  • Handi-Foil | Booth# 6816—TOP HONOURS


  • Flexibake | Booth# 2354—TOP HONOURS
  • Thymly Products | Booth# 4503—TOP HONOURS
  • Focus Works | Booth# 5269
  • Harvest Food Solutions | Booth# 2011


  • ChemxWorks | Booth# 5361—TOP HONOURS
  • Flexco (Novitool Aero Splice Press) | Booth# 7253—TOP HONOURS
  • Goodway Technologies | Booth# 2005—TOP HONOURS
  • KLEANZ (Nexcor Food Safety Technologies) | Booth# 5250—TOP HONOURS
  • Babb Group | Booth# 5681
  • Best Sanitizers | Booth# 2277
  • Flexco (FGP Food Grade Precleaner) | Booth# 7253
  • Formost Fuji | Booth# 6026
  • Koenig Bakery Systems | Booth# 5889
  • VMI | Booth# 2605, 6779

Workforce Development:

  • More Than a Bakery—TOP HONOURS
  • Main Street Gourmet—TOP HONOURS
  • Nummies Bakery

Product Innovation/High-Volume Bakery:

  • Alpha Baking Co.—TOP HONOURS
  • CraftMark Bakery—TOP HONOURS

Product Innovation/Wholesale Bakery, Intermediate

  • Just Desserts—TOP HONOURS

Product Innovation / Retail Bakery:

  • Victoria’s Sugar Shack—TOP HONOURS
  • La Canasta Mexican Food Product Inc.
  • Sweet Life Specialty Foods

Special thank you to the BEST in Baking panel of judges: Len Heflich, Founder, Innovation for Success, LLC; Mike Pierce, President, The Austin Co.; Tim Ramsey, Senior Director, Procurement and Commercialization Hearthside Food Solutions; and Gina Reo, President, Quality Assurance Strategies, LLC. Each participating judge has expertise in baking industry best practices and innovation.

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