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Bakers Formula: Succulent cupcakes & Matcha Macadamia Nut Doughnuts

February 20, 2020
By Dawn Foods

Turn your pastry display case into a terrarium with these delicious blooms

Spring is around the corner, and for those looking for a touch of green in their baking, here’s a way make your cupcake display bloom indoors even though it’s still cold and grey outside.

The bright green makes for a cheerful St. Paddy’s alternative to leprechauns and four leaf clovers; perfect for those looking to bring a treat to the office on Earth Day in April, or just looking for an excuse to green a centerpiece on a table with cupcakes.


  • #02494889 Dawn Exceptional® _Baker’s Request Honey Cake Mix 25#
  • #02406032 Dawn Exceptional® _Ground Fruit Peach Filling Pouch Pak 12/2#
  • #02439918 Dawn Exceptional® _White Buttercreme Style Icing 32#
  • #02342799 Novacart 2.5 x 1.625 White Baking Cups
  • Bourbon Flavoring
  • Fresh Peaches


  • Mix cake according to bag instructions. Scoop 1.5 oz batter into each cavity of cupcake pan.
  • Bake at 350°F until cupcakes spring back lightly when touched. Cool completely.
  • Using a small round cutter, remove the center of each cupcake, pipe in peach filling.
  • Mix together 3 lbs of buttercreme and 1 tbs of bourbon flavoring.
  • Ice cupcakes with prepared buttercreme and decorate with fresh peach slices.

Matcha Macadamia Nut Doughnuts

Matcha Macadamia Nut Doughnuts

Matcha adds a touch of elegance to the workaday doughnut. This brings a hint of spring in its light green colour and the taste is a cozy suggestion of tea with an elevated ingredient. Suggest this to clients who want to bring an international flare to a morning meeting with a selection of these doughnuts for the office.


  • #00008474 Dawn Exceptional® _Sweet Sour Cream Old Fashioned Mix 50#
  • #00672560 Dawn Exceptional® _Enhanced Stability White Flat Icing 43#
  • #00018952 Dawn Exceptional® _Fon Dip Enhanced Stability White Flat Icing 50#
  • #02367838 JF Braun #5 Macadamia Nut 25#, chopped
  • Culinary matcha


  • Prepare donut mix according to bag instructions. Fry and let cool completely.
  • Mix together 1 tbs matcha powder and 1 pound white flat icing.
  • Dip donut in icing, sprinkle with macadamia nuts.
  • Drizzle with flat icing.

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