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BAC BC Chapter donates $3500 bursary in memory of Patsy Frederick

July 12, 2011
By Martin Barnett

July 12, 2011, B.C. – The Baking
Association of Canada’s BC Chapter donated $3500 bursary in memory of Patsy
Frederick, a long time baker and bakery owner on Vancouver Island.

Frederick started baking in Victoria in the
late 1970s. She used her talents to start the legendary Peoples' Share
Collective Bakery, which later morphed into Rising Star Wholefoods Bakery.


She exported her talents to Australia, and
a few years later returned to Victoria and opened her own Rising Star in
Fairfield Village.

During those years she employed many young
people, training and trusting them to become fulfilled in the trade and
supporting them to become fine bakers.

Her Peasant Bread with dates and her
cinnamon buns are also legendary, but it is her dedication to hard work and the
way she would stand up for what she believed in that will live on.

She taught this writer to bake, and now I
have the privilege to teach others. In this way her legacy survives too. Frederick
was born in Saskatchewan in 1955 and passed away in January.

The Baking Association of Canada BC
Chapter, recognizing her contribution to the baking trade, has endowed a $3500
bursary in her name to be awarded to baking students at Vancouver Island
University over the next seven years.



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