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Yes, bread can be tasty AND healthy

February 1, 2017
By Liesbet Vandepoel

Puratos tackles new consumer demands with Softgrain

Consumers today buy their food following three criteria: taste, health and freshness. If a product fulfills all three criteria, they will have more trust and increase their purchase intention.

Also, consumer research* shows that the consumers’ definition of health has evolved over the last years and those products containing ingredients made by earth are considered more wholesome and healthier. Some 61 per cent of Canadian consumers would buy products at a bakery where everything is baked with natural ingredients, such as (dried) fruits, nuts, cereals, grains, and so on. As a consequence, we see a rising trend within the grains and seed breads, as these breads are considered by consumers as healthy but also tastier.

To answer this demand, Puratos has developed a full range of Softgrain solutions aimed at satisfying consumers’ need for tasty and healthy breads. Softgrain is a blend of grains and seeds infused with flavour from natural fermentation. A careful selection of grains and seeds are pre-soaked with liquid sourdough flavours to provide you with a unique range of ready-to-use flavours for your breads. Softgrain is available in three different varieties: Multigrain, Sweet 5 Grain and Rye.

Softgrain as the perfect solution
Puratos’ Softgrain range is the perfect solution to strengthen those three criteria within your breads. Softgrain are a blend of grains and seed infused in a mild liquid fermentation flavour. It is based on “Brühstück,” a German tradition of soaking and boiling grains in sourdough. The combination of grains, seeds and sourdough allow the creation of high-quality, natural and tasty breads. In addition, the grains in Softgrain slowly release their infused moistness to naturally prolong the freshness of bread.


Develop a creative range of grain and seed breads
The delicious taste of grains and seeds, combined with the infused liquid sourdough, result in a superior taste at every bite. With Softgrain, new exciting tastes can be obtained by using different seeds, grains and sourdoughs.

The Softgrain range is available in Canada with the following three items:

  • Softgrain Multigrain: A blend of five grains and seeds (wheat, rye, oats, flax seed, millet seed, teff seed) pre-soaked in a mild sourdough providing a balanced flavour and texture.
  • Softgrain Sweet 5 grain: A blend of five grains and seeds (oats, sunflower seed, flax seed, millet, cracked wheat) pre-soaked in a sweet fermentation flavour giving your breads, cakes and cookies a touch of sweetness and loads of whole grain.
  • Softgrain Rye CL: Rye grains pre-soaked in a sourdough flavour providing more taste to your bread, ensuring the grains to have the right tenderness.

The product is very easy to use as you can add it straight to the dough and there is no need to pre-soak the grains.  The dosage level ranges from 30 to 50 per cent on dough weight allowing you to be flexible in how many grains and seeds you want to add to your breads.

For more information about how to create delicious and nutritious breads using the Softgrain range of unique and flavourful grains and seeds, visit

* Taste Tomorrow consumer study conducted by Insites Consulting for Puratos: 11,000 global consumers interviewed including430 Canadian consumers. For more information, visit

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