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Wheat Quality Handbook explores wheat classes, testing and more

April 24, 2023
By Bakers Journal

Photo: Northern Crops Institute

A new Wheat Quality Handbook published by the Northern Crops Institute explores the wheat kernel from field to table and information about the wheat structure and how and why it differs for various wheat classes.

Written by Dr. Senay Simsek, department head, professor, and Dean’s Chair in Food Science at Purdue University, the handbook has four main sections:

  • Introduction to wheat quality and kernel testing
  • Flour and dough testing
  • End-product quality and advances in wheat quality
  • List of references

Topics throughout the handbook include every aspect of wheat grain science and its importance to growers, processors, and consumers. In addition, this book answers critical questions such as how the kernel, flour, dough, and end-use quality are measured and why they are essential. In-depth information is provided for every wheat, flour, dough, and bread quality trait to describe what the data means and why it is important.

The Wheat Quality Handbook is available for $125 US (approximately $170 Canadian at time of posting).


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