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Wellbake’s SoftFeed extruder takes the punishment out of dough

January 14, 2019
By Bakers Journal

Wellbake has developed a specially designed machine for sheeted flat bread products.

The commonly used sheeting line-systems stem from croissant- and puff pastry-type laminating lines. There are many manufacturers of this type of lines with steep competition. Subsequently, these manufacturers are trying to adapt their lines to other products, primarily flat bread items.

The process is the same: extruder, pressure roller, satellite roller, cross sheeting, and a number of calibrating rollers, and often repeated. This is good for croissant-type multilayer laminated dough, but that system overworks the dough for flat bread and patty-type bakery products.

The dough sheeter’s measurements for the belt’s thickness range from  0.5 mm – 25 mm – 0.02” – 1″; And the dough-belt’s widths range from 600mm – 23.6”; 900mm – 35.4”; 1200mm – 47.2


The most popular brands of flatbreads are ciabatta, Middle Eastern breads, naan and pizza-type products – and a sheeting line can produce them more efficiently.

Wellbake’sSoftFeed extruder has two special design rollers feeding dough to the extruding rollers. Dough not accepted by extruding rollers are returned inside the hopper, so gently so we can feed all scrap dough from the make-up line right back to the hopper to be mixed with fresh dough for an excellent product.

The WaveSpreader is a fantastic way of gently spreading the dough belt. No pressure roller, no satellite roller, no cross sheeting – in other words, no punishment!

Wellbake states that “punished dough is like eating cardboard.” It is hard for it recuperate after being overworked. Wellbake claims that sheeted dough from their machines will make a tender product. If shortening flakes are used, you get layers when baked, but no crumbles. That is why this is a preferred concept for pizza crust, Jamaican patties, ciabatta and flat bread, but also for Danish and cinnamon buns. Wellbake has two lines in Toronto for chips and crackers, naan chips, but the lines are also perfect for naan bread.

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