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The Kaak Group’s ‘DrieM’ creates perfect baguettes

October 1, 2019
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of the Kaak Group

We all know the perfect French baguette, made by hand at the local bakery shop. These aromatic baguettes with an open structure, crispy crust, and creamy rich inside made according to the traditional recipe, transferred from generation to generation. A process that takes time.

The Kaak Group announced that Benier Nederland B.V. has developed a revolutionary process, without final proofing, to make baguettes the way your grandmother made them, but on an industrial scale. They are proud to introduce our new DrieM baguette line, L’Artisane. This line is the only industrial baguette line that creates your perfect artisan baguette.

L’Artisane uses bulk fermentation, handles dough gently, just like the hands of an artisan baker and has no need for final proofing. It fits in existing industrial bakery lines, saves time, is patented and can produce up to 15,000 full size artisan baguettes per hour.

Sticking to the original, traditional recipe with low quantities of yeast and a high percentage of water, L’Artisane creates a much healthier baguette. This also means lower costs and a high return on investment.


Seeing is believing! Contact the Kaak Group Technology Centre for an appointment. They look forward to showing L’Artisane at work.

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