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Tetra Pak unveils sustainable solution for cutting water usage

June 8, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak released its UHT 2.0 heating portfolio and Tetra Pak® E3/Speed Hyper packaging equipment.

The new system was unveiled on World Milk Day, and it was chosen to support of this year’s theme of sustainability  to reduce environmental footprint.

Tetra Pak’s new UHT 2.0 portfolio with OneStep technology and Tetra Pak® E3/Speed Hyper  creating less wastewater and also lowers the cost of its removal for dairy manufacturers. Adding a Tetra Pak® Water Filtering Station to Tetra Pak® E3/Speed Hyper helps recover 5500 litres of water per filling machine running hour (up to 95 per cent), while contributing to lower water consumption. With water scarcity on the rise, wastewater is increasingly becoming an industry concern.

The combination of UHT 2.0 with OneStep technology and Tetra Pak® E3/Speed Hyper scores highly across industry benchmarks for sustainability, with a 0.8 GHG Index score, a 0.3 Water Index score and a Product Losses Index score of 0.7.


Alejandro Cabal, Vice President Packaging Solutions, Tetra Pak, said in a statement: “As part of Tetra Pak’s wider ambition to reach net zero emissions across the value chain by 2050, we want to be part of the solution to limit climate change for the global dairy sector…a significant share of emissions comes from the operation of equipment at customers’ sites. Addressing this through innovation and collaboration is vital.”

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