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Taste solutions enhance low or zero-sugar products

May 30, 2023
By Bakers Journal

Nutrition company Kerry is launching its Tastesense Advanced range of solutions aimed at giving sweetness and mouthfeel to low- and zero-sugar products.

The product is an affordable alternative to sugar and stevia, supporting the development of sweetness closer to sugar and well beyond 3⁰ Brix sucrose sweetness equivalence, with optimised flavour, better mouthfeel and reduced off-notes, Kerry said in a press release. The solution contains plant derived materials and reduces carbon emissions by 30 per cent and water usage by 45 per cent while catering to consumers’ demand for superior tasting and healthier food options.

“Our research has shown that consumers love the taste of sugar but are looking to reduce their intake for health reasons,” said Ian McGarvey, senior vice-president of technology and innovation for Taste at Kerry. “They are concerned around the artificial solutions used to replace sugar and are asking for natural ingredients. We understand that taste is a crucial factor in low- and no-sugar products.”

Kerry’s innovation teams carefully selected raw materials and examined the interaction with proprietary solutions. It is non-GMO and is available in kosher, halal and vegan-suitable options.


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