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Survey reviews reactions to bread price-fixing

January 12, 2018
By Bakers Journal

St. Catharines, Ont. – Sixty-nine per cent of Canadians felt the $25 gift card offered by Loblaws following the national bread price-fixing scandal fell short as a goodwill gesture, according to a recent survey by mobile focus group Caddle.

Caddle, a Canadian mobile focus group and consumer savings app based in St. Catharines, recently surveyed 10,000 Canadians to get their thoughts on the Loblaws bread price-fixing scandal, the gift card being offered and their bread-purchasing habits. 

The company shard key findings in a news release:
·  69% of Canadians felt a $25 gift card was not enough of a goodwill gesture;
·  35% of respondents felt $200 or more would be an appropriate amount of money;
·  26% of Canadians said they would shop less at Loblaws stores;
·  10% of respondents said they would no longer shop at Loblaws; and
·  55% of Canadians were NOT surprised by the bread-fixing scandal.

The Caddle app is designed to help shoppers save money on groceries, eating out and shopping using their smartphones and engage with brands for monetary gain by answering surveys, watching ads and writing reviews.

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