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Study: Texture can alter feeling of satiety

April 22, 2019
By Bakers Journal

PhD doctorate Quoc Cuong Nguyen, defended his doctorate on how consumers’ preferences and their perception of satiety, at the food research institute NOFIMA.

Dr. Nguyen’s thesis postulated that altering texture can create a sense of satiety: By making something chewier, consumers may experience satiety.

Nguyen’s study revealed that o compact texture that makes a consumer chew more was one of the links that led to satiety, a feeling of fullness.

Nguyen had found that people who enjoyed their food more were driven to eat more, but “satiety is a complex process with physiological and psychological components, but sensory attributes can give a clue as to when to stop eating.”


This study presents a step towards fighting obesity and over-eating.

Paula Varela, Nguyen’s supervisor stated in NOFIMA’s press release, “This would certainly help those struggling with obesity or over-eating, and we would love to cooperate with companies interested in creating such new and different food categories,” she says before adding: “And we have the sensory methods that can make it happen.”

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