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Star Packaging offers new solutions

December 28, 2011
By Bakers Journal

December 28, 2011 – Star Packaging Corporation introduces a new line of packaging solutions for baking and snack food applications.

Star Packaging has developed unique barriers that are tailored for each product in order to maximize shelf life and ensure freshness. From high barrier laminates for nuts and salted snacks to metalized films for potato chips, Star’s technologies are designed to lock in flavour and keep the product fresh even beyond the expiration date.

For one-time use packages, Star Packaging has developed seals that are strong enough to preserve the product yet still easy for consumers to open. For reclosable packages, Star offers Inno-Lok zipper solutions that are easy to open but continue to maintain product freshness and quality.

Ten colour process printed laminations help maximize a product’s shelf-impact through eye-catching colors and high-end designs. With both in-house digital photopolymer plates and the latest generation of gearless CI presses available, Star provides crisp images with sharper details and higher contrasts for industry-leading graphics quality.


Star Packaging Corporation was recently formed through the merger of Master Packaging, located in Tampa, Fla., and Star Packaging, based in Atlanta, Ga. The new company is headquartered in Atlanta and has operating facilities in Georgia and Florida.

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