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Sophie’s BioNutrients and Ingredion develop microalgae-based dairy-free cheese

November 11, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Singapore – Sophie’s BioNutrients, a sustainable urban food production technology company, is working with Ingredion Idea Labs’ innovation centre in Singapore to produce a microalgae-based cheese, made from Sophie’s BioNutrients dairy-free microalgae milk.

Photo courtesy Sophie’s BioNutrients and Ingredion

With vegan, dairy-free options for cheeses on the rise in response to growing consumer demands for plant-based alternatives, this dairy-free cheese is a much anticipated addition, the companies said in a news release.

The cheese innovation has an umami and tangy taste profile, mimicking a natural Cheddar cheese. It can be sliced for a cheese board, melted in a sandwich, or spread over crackers or bread.

The team at Sophie’s BioNutrients collaborated with the team of technical experts at Ingredion to create the vegan-friendly cheese. Developed using microalgae protein flour, it is available as two types of products – a semi-hard microalgae dairy-free cheese and a dairy-free cheese spread.


A one-ounce serving of semi-hard microalgae cheese provides double the daily allowance of B12. It is also sustainably harvested, the companies said, adding “No cows were harmed during the process.”

“Microalgae is one of the most nutrient-rich and ductile resources on the planet. Today we have shown another facet of the unlimited possibilities this superfood can offer – a dairy and lactose-free alternative to cheese that, thanks to microalgae, offers a higher protein content than most available dairy-free alternatives. We are incredibly excited for this development in allergen-free foods and the prospect of more inclusive dining,” said Eugene Wang, Co-Founder & CEO of Sophie’s BioNutrients.

Ai Tsing Tan, Innovation Director at Ingredion, said, “As we innovate to meet the changing needs of consumers, it is key to focus on the attributes important to creating a consumer-preferred product. Our approach to dairy-free cheese is to develop it as closely as possible to cheese in both flavour and texture.”

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