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Rousselot launches fortified, clean-label gelatine

June 29, 2018
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of Rousselot

Gelatine manufacturer, Rousselot, plans to showcase its clean label gelatine solutions at this year’s IFT 2018 in Chicago.

Rousselot’s experts will be on hand to highlight how latest gelatine innovations can provide an endless range of textures; playing with characteristics such as gel strength and viscosity, gelatine types, concentration and recipes, for novel product designs and fortified gummy options.

The company’s new SiMoGel™, gelatine solution is specifically designed for starchless molds and suitable for the production of functional and traditional gelatine-based gummies. This means that gummies can now include a nutritional element such as protein.

Mike Schmit, Rousselot’s vice-president of sales, U.S.A said in a press release, “due to its fast-drying properties, SiMoGel allows manufacturers to switch from starch molding to starch-free gummy processing, opening new application for the creation of state-of-the-art jelly shapes including 3D designs, multiple layers, stripes and fillings.”


He adds, It is also idea for products with functional benefits such as [vitamin] fortified gummies in a clean and starchless environment – all while significantly optimizing production processes and reducing costs.”

IFT visitors have a chance to sample vitamin and protein-enriched gummies at the Rousselot booth.

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