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Restaurants Canada issues statement in response to Ontario’s latest restrictions

January 4, 2022
By Restaurants Canada

Restaurants Canada released the following statement following the Ontario government’s announcement on Jan. 3 that restaurant indoor dining will close as part of restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19.

“Once again, Ontario makes a move that will irreparably harm our industry without any consultation. The foodservice industry continues to bear the brunt of the restrictions and pay the cost of fighting this pandemic, despite having done everything they have been asked.

“The data that we have seen show that restaurants are NOT the problem, yet we continue to be singled out and have never been allowed to meet with the Chief Medical Officer or the Ministry of Health to discuss data and strategies for restaurants, but have been turned down at every turn.

“Today’s decision hurts real people who are seeing their life’s work destroyed. We need support now.

“Broken hearts don’t pay the bills.

“Restaurants Canada is asking the provincial government to take these actions to support our industry:

  • Immediate infusion of grants to restaurants
  • Deferral of HST payments to allow restaurants to keep money in their hands
  • Immediate opening of portal to allow for rebates for property taxes and utilities to be processed expeditiously
  • Re-imposition of commercial eviction ban, which expired on December 31, 2021″

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