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Resealable packaging enables sweet success

October 20, 2009
By Elizabeth Sheaffer

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Resealable packaging enables sweet success
Whether it is innovation in colour, style or
function, brands dedicate considerable attention to the packaging that makes
their products competitive on store shelves. 



Oct. 20, 2009 – Confectionery brand
owners are often challenged to find new ways to compete in an increasingly
savvy and demanding marketplace. Whether it is innovation in color, style or
function, brands dedicate considerable attention to the packaging that makes
their products competitive on store shelves. In recent years, resealable
packaging is proving to be a successful way to drive brand sales and improve
market share.


As the contents of most
confectionery packages are typically not consumed in one sitting, the
confectionery market is the ideal venue for a resealable package. The benefits
are twofold: a resealable closure serves as a visual differentiating factor at
point-of-purchase and allows brands to respond to consumer demand for
convenient packaging. Thus, resealable packages are quickly becoming a way to
boost overall brand impact.

A resealable closure is
not only a functional way to lock in freshness of confections; but is also a
way to "seal" the bond between the brand and the consumer. Recent
market research shows that a resealable closure guarantees the brand name and
message will be reinforced throughout the product life, rather than be thrown
away after the first use. As soon as a product leaves its original package,
consumers lose contact with the brand. Having a resealable feature on a package
allows the contents to remain inside the original package, keeping the brand in
front of the consumer longer.

One packaging format
particularly beneficial to the confectionery market features resealable slider
technology built into the "fin seal" of an overwrap-style package.
The new format allows manufacturers to incorporate a convenient opening and
resealing feature down the center of overwrap packages for a wider opening and
easier access to contents. The package features an easy-open strip above the slider
for initial bag opening in one step – without the need for scissors or knives. Peel-seal
technology is incorporated below the slider, which acts as a hermetic barrier
to extend product shelf life and provides consumers with the security of a
tamper-evident seal. Until now, packaging manufacturers could only feature
overwrap packaging with slider on the top, short side of a package, requiring
consumers to pull the enclosed tray out of the package to access it contents. This
action can damage the delicate products such as cookies and chocolates in trays.

Zipper technology provides an innovative solution to help
brands differentiate themselves from their competition. Focus group research
continues to confirm consumers’ repeated preference for more convenient
packages. In addition, shoppers say they are willing to pay extra for a package
that reseals and keeps products fresh and securely contained. For confectionery
and candy manufacturers to increase their consumer appeal, they will have to go
beyond the belief that product quality alone can differentiate a brand, and
begin focusing on how innovative packaging can enhance consumer preference.

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