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ReGrained offers limited-release upcycled baking mixes

April 28, 2022
By Bakers Journal

ReGrained has launched a new line of baking mixes made with SuperGrain+, the company’s flagship Upcycled Certified ingredient.

“Stop Food Waste Day is the perfect opportunity to show consumers and food brands a few more delicious ways we can better align the food we eat with the planet and people we love,” says Dan Kurzrock, founder and CEO of ReGrained.

ReGrained is a business-to-business product innovation and ingredient platform for upcycled foods that designs and launches products from time to time to demonstrate the possibilities and generate interest among food makers, like restaurants and bakeries.

Developed in ReGrained’s Upcycled Food Lab, the baking mix line provides savoury and sweet options, including Banana Bread, Carrot Cake, Brownie, and Pizza Dough.


According to the company, “We work with our brewery partners to take the grain that they have already used to brew beer. In the industry this grain is known as brewery ‘spent’ grain (BSG), which is a total misnomer given the concentration of awesome nutrients left behind.

“Breweries generate tons of this grain every batch, but they used to not have better options for offloading this grain than lower uses such as animal feed, compost or landfill.”

The grain is processed with the company’s patent-pending process to create the SuperGrain+ ingredient and then put to best use through upcycling.

The mixes are available for a limited time.

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