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Kicked-Up Canadian Brownie

Yield: 20


1. Brew strong coffee and let cool.
2. Add all ingredients except for hazelnuts to mixing bowl (single stage mix). Start on low speed and slowly increase to speed three for one minute.
3. Add hazelnuts and mix on low speed until incorporated.
4. Pretreat eight-inch square in baking pan with non-stick cooking spray. Deposit 500 grams in pan.
5. Bake at 350F for 24 minutes.

This recipe is courtesy of Coalean.


New Life Mill's unbleached all-purpose flour
Artisan (kg): 1
Large baker (kg):10

White sugar
Percentage: 166.04
Artisan (kg): 1.660
Large baker (kg): 16.60

Corn syrup, 42% HFCS
Percentage: 24.99
Artisan: 0.250
Large baker: 2.50

Percentage: 67.02
Artisan (kg): 0.670
Large baker (kg): 6.70

Percentage: 4
Artisan baker (kg): 0.040
Large baker (kg): 0.40

Liquid whole eggs
Percentage: 37.37
Artisan baker (kg): 0.374
Large baker (kg): 3.74

Percentage: 4
Artisan baker (kg): 0.040
Lareg baker (kg): 0.40

Baking powder
Percentage: 0.98
Artisan baker (kg): 0.010
Large baker (kg): 0.10

Brewed coffee
Percentage: 18.68
Artisan baker (kg): 0.187
Large baker (kg): 1.87

Coarsely chopped Canadian roasted hazelnuts
Artisan baker (kg): 0.350
Large baker (kg): 3.50

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