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Baguette Parisienne

Yield: 7 loaves (450 g each)

Mix water and yeast. Add the flour and mix on first speed for two minutes.

Mix on second speed for 6 minutes to develop the gluten. Add the salt. Mix on second speed for three minutes. This is a wet dough.

Rest the dough for one hour or until double the size. Punch down lightly without rounding the dough. Cut 450-gram pieces and shape baguettes. Dispose on floured wood boards and let proof for 10 minutes. Make four or five cuts, making sure to angle the blade at a 45-degree angle while cutting to ensure the formation of an overlap in the cut when baking. Proof baguettes and let the dough crust 10 minutes at room temperature before baking.

Slide the baguettes into a preheated oven at 249 C (480 F) and give five-second steam. When light golden colour occurs, open the door 10 seconds to evacuate the steam and continue baking until done.

Eat with rich, creamy cheese and a glass of red wine, close your eyes and the Eiffel Tower will be right there! Source: This recipe and photo is courtesy of Chef Philippe Corbiere, baker/patissier and professor at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College.


2000 g bread flour
1100 ml warm water
60 g fresh yeast
40 g salt

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