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Pure maple water

June 6, 2013
By Bakers Journal

20130523_c9658_photo_en_27021June 6, 2013, Quebec – The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ) released its NAPSI-certified, 100 per cent pure maple water.

This plant-based water was originally used by First Nations people as a tonic, and is harvested exclusively in spring. The FPAQ has conducted several research projects to develop sterilization techniques that would preserve many of the original and healthy properties of maple water for 18 months at room temperature.

To ensure authenticity and quality, these techniques are grouped under the NAPSI certification seal.
This guarantees the same experience as drinking maple water straight from the tree. The harvesting methods and processes of NAPSI-certified products meet strict standards that guarantee the maple water is:

• Natural: harvested from maple trees


• Authentic: it is the same sap that the trees themselves produce

• Pure: no agents or extra ingredients are added

• Sterile: devoid of any microorganism

• Integral: it is unrefined, not from concentrate, and contains all the original compounds provided by nature
This certification is available for national and international distributors who meet the requirements, which include that the maple water must be from Canada. This year, the only brands with NAPSI certification are SEVA, OVIVA and MAPLE3.

"The FPAQ is proud that NAPSI-certified pure maple water is finally available year-round," states Serge Beaulieu, President of the FPAQ. "This new product provides great potential for growth opportunities in our industry, which already contributes up to three quarters of a billion dollars to Canada's GDP ($750 million). Maple water, an innovation developed here and sold via collective Quebec marketing strategies, will help promote local economic growth through the added value generated by the underlying NAPSI process."

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