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Puratos launches latest Taste Tomorrow consumer insight report

December 14, 2020
By Bakers Journal

Logo courtesy of Puratos

Puratos, the bakery industry ingredient supplier, has debuted a new consumer survey conducted around the world as countries emerge from lockdown. The new insights expand on their 2019 findings and add a critical public health dimension to Puratos’ proprietary Taste Tomorrow insights platform. The results offer a compelling view of consumer behaviour changes before, during and after the pandemic and new opportunities for bakery, sweet goods, and chocolate companies.

Sample findings include:

  • 75 per cent of consumers indicated they would snack as much or more in the future than they did before COVID.
  • 38 per cent of consumers indicate they are uncomfortable purchasing unpackaged bakery items.

While the latest Taste Tomorrow survey focuses on US consumers, Puratos leveraged its global network to conduct the same survey around the world as countries emerged from lockdown.

The results show that North American consumers are adapting differently than many other countries in response to the pandemic, which has broad implications for large manufacturers. In addition, there have been notable shifts in what US consumers perceive to be the most important product qualities when choosing bread, sweet goods, or chocolate, especially for packaging, health and hygiene. While much remains uncertain around COVID-19, the results offer an important roadmap for the bakery industry to stay ahead of consumer needs in 2021 and beyond.

Customers can contact their Puratos sales representative for an in-depth presentation on the latest survey findings or a deep dive on Puratos’ Taste Tomorrow Consumer Insights platform.

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