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Promoting your bakery-café as a place to celebrate can attract gen Z: report

August 16, 2023
By Bakers Journal

Promoting your bakery-café, restaurant or pizzeria as a place to celebrate with high-quality ingredients can help attract gen Z customers who are looking to mark special occasions.

When Technomic asked gen Zers who recently visited a restaurant for it’s Ignite report to describe the meal occasion, about one-third said it was a planned visit for a special event. That could include celebrations related to their schooling, family and friends or holidays.

Since younger consumers like to plan restaurant visits for celebratory occasions, operators should market themselves as destinations for this type of splurge spending. This includes promoting a festive, lively setting, as well as offering filling menu options that highlight quality ingredients and creative flavours and preparations not easily replicated at home.

A smaller proportion of consumers said their restaurant visit was a routine meal or an impulse decision. For these types of occasions, attributes centred on convenience and affordability can help attract this cohort.

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