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Production: Training

October 28, 2008
By Bakers Journal

STAGE 1 – Upload articles

1. Resize all images from the Current Issue
    a. Open the image folder
    b. Perform a "batch resize" to all images. Resize to: 300 pixels wide, 72 dpi —>  Written Instructions  |   Video Instructions

    b. Save pics as:
       – FOLDER: CF_October_08 (issue)
       – IMAGES: bydesign1.jpg, bydesign2.jpg, profile1.jpg (page # + image order/placement)

2. Upload all images into Media Manager —————————————>   Video Instructions
    a. LOGIN:
    b. Site > Media Manager
    c. Select directory:
        – Stories > 2008
        – Type October or October-September (the issue name) into
          "Create Directory field"
        – Click "create"
        – Browse > Find image (4a.jpg) > Upload (**repeat for every image)

3. Upload articles
  a. Content Items Manager
  b. New
  c. Select SECTION
  d. Select CATEGORY

News News
New Products New Products
Archives Editorial
Departments (3 only per issue)

7. Copy/Paste article + from Quark/InDesign into Content Item———————>  VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS
8. Upload images to article ————————————————————->  VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS
9. Save
10. Continue until all articles are uploaded

STAGE 2 – Create Current Issue page (Table of Contents)

1. Components > Annex Editor > Edit Issues
2. New
3. Issue: “Spring 2007” or “January/February 2007” (important to maintain this style)
4. Select issue date (“January 1, 2007” for Jan issue)
5. Copy/Paste headline and deck for each article
6. Select articles
7. Save
8. Select Current Issue

STAGE 3 – Upload Cover and Cover Story Images

Cover Shots:
1. Resize covers to 150 pixels wide.
2. Resize cover images to 200 pixels wide
3. Rename each January-2007.gif (or January-February-2007.gif) issue date.
4. Site > Media Manager
5. Upload each into:
a. Cover shots: /images/stories/current_issue/magazinecovers
b. Cover story images: /images/stories/current_issue/covers

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