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Production: Training

October 28, 2008  By Bakers Journal

STAGE 1 – Upload articles

1. Resize all images from the Current Issue
    a. Open the image folder
    b. Perform a "batch resize" to all images. Resize to: 300 pixels wide, 72 dpi —>  Written Instructions  |   Video Instructions

    b. Save pics as:
       – FOLDER: CF_October_08 (issue)
       – IMAGES: bydesign1.jpg, bydesign2.jpg, profile1.jpg (page # + image order/placement)

2. Upload all images into Media Manager —————————————>   Video Instructions
    a. LOGIN:
    b. Site > Media Manager
    c. Select directory:
        – Stories > 2008
        – Type October or October-September (the issue name) into
          "Create Directory field"
        – Click "create"
        – Browse > Find image (4a.jpg) > Upload (**repeat for every image)


3. Upload articles
  a. Content Items Manager
  b. New
  c. Select SECTION
  d. Select CATEGORY

New ProductsNew Products
Departments (3 only per issue)

7. Copy/Paste article + from Quark/InDesign into Content Item———————>  VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS
8. Upload images to article ————————————————————->  VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS
9. Save
10. Continue until all articles are uploaded

STAGE 2 – Create Current Issue page (Table of Contents)

1. Components > Annex Editor > Edit Issues
2. New
3. Issue: “Spring 2007” or “January/February 2007” (important to maintain this style)
4. Select issue date (“January 1, 2007” for Jan issue)
5. Copy/Paste headline and deck for each article
6. Select articles
7. Save
8. Select Current Issue

STAGE 3 – Upload Cover and Cover Story Images

Cover Shots:
1. Resize covers to 150 pixels wide.
2. Resize cover images to 200 pixels wide
3. Rename each January-2007.gif (or January-February-2007.gif) issue date.
4. Site > Media Manager
5. Upload each into:
a. Cover shots: /images/stories/current_issue/magazinecovers
b. Cover story images: /images/stories/current_issue/covers

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