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Product transfer and pump tech from Unifiller

December 30, 2011
By Bakers Journal

img_ht_powerlift_webDecember 30, 2011 – Unifiller Systems Inc. offers a range of hopper topper product transfer pumps that use unique technology to elevate food products while maintaining product integrity.

The air operated pump is supplied with an infrared hopper level sensor that keeps the hopper level filled at a constant level. This in turn improves the hopper's depositing accuracy. The machine can pump products like light and heavy cake mixes, icings, chunky fruit or meat fillings, and liquid mixes, among others.
Machine features include:

  • Gentle pumping technology similar to hand scooping designed to maintain product integrity
  • Ability to fill hoppers directly from the mixing bowl
  • Ability to pump items of various viscosities – from smooth to chunky, thick to light, or liquid mixes
  • A PowerLift telescopic lifting mechanism

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