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Pay as you wish

January 6, 2009
By Brian Hartz

Jan. 6, 2009 – It recently came to our attention that a Bakers Journal article popped up in The New York Times Freakonomics blog in May 2008. The article, written by Karen Hall, was about the innovative pay-as-you-wish pricing scheme at City Cafe Bakery in Kitchener, Ont. While the Old Gray Lady didn't exactly issue a ringing endorsement of pay-as-you-wish pricing in general, it did praise the simplicity of City Cafe Bakery's set-up, which streamlines the customer's buying experience by eliminating the cash register and instituting an honour system.

What do you think of pay-as-you-wish pricing? Is it just a gimmick? Would you consider trying such an idea in an effort to boost sales in what is likely to be a sluggish 2009? Let us know by leaving a comment here or taking part in our new poll on the home page.

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