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OptiSol ideal for gluten-free applications

February 25, 2013
By Bakers Journal

glanbia_bread-webFeb. 25, 2013 – OptiSol 5300 from Glanbia Nutritionals is a
flaxseed-based, all natural, highly functional and cost effective
hydrocolloid ingredient. It’s ideal for gluten-free applications (where
gluten-free flours tend to dry out formulations) as well as all
conventional, non-gluten-free bakery items.

Derived from flaxseed, OptiSol 5300’s fibrous hydrocolloid mucilage and protein network provide synergistic functionality for a broad range of applications, including flat breads, gluten-free baked goods, bakery mixes, breadings and batters. It offers moisture migration control properties and the ability to bind both fat and water for improved texture and crumb structure, increased volume and extended shelf life. Nutritionally, it’s high in both fibre and protein, with 32 per cent and 34 per cent composition respectively. Other key benefits of the product include reduction of oil in frying and improved sheetability.

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