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Optima offers Remote Assist tech support app

July 7, 2020
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Image courtesy of OPTIMA consumer GmbH

Optima developed a new software application called “Remote Assist” which puts the company in real-time virtual contact with customers looking for technical support. The central Industrial IT department has developed the digital service and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated its completion.

The current situation makes traveling difficult, and on-site service visits even harder. The new “Remote Assist” software allows Optima to remain in close contact with customers. “Thanks to our employees’ great commitment, we have succeeded in completing the new Smart Service even earlier than planned,” says Dr. Benjamin Haefner, Head of Industrial IT in a statement.

After a trial phase, the software is now being successfully used in a variety of customer projects.

Service assistance in real time

The primary function of “Remote Assist” is real-time communication for the rapid resolution of technical problems. If a problem arises during ongoing production, the Optima service expert can be immediately on the spot. The Optima expert is right at the heart of the production line within seconds via live video and audio transmission. This enables him to purposefully guide the operator, provide direct support with troubleshooting or carrying out urgently needed work, and so get production up and running again as quickly as possible. This can be done via all mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or augmented reality glasses. Documents like videos and operating instructions can also be streamed live.


Image courtesy of OPTIMA consumer GmbH.

Digital support instead of on-site interventions

“At the present time, it would be almost impossible to put some systems into operation without this tool,” explains Michael Weber, Director Service of OPTIMA consumer GmbH. A plant in Poland was recently commissioned in just this way. “It is already becoming clear that Remote Assist will have a significant impact on the quality and speed of support, and that in the future, some service calls on site can be dropped”, says Weber. The Remote Assist complements the Format Change Assistant, which has also been recently developed to assist with format changes. Consequently, Optima’s digital portfolio is continuing to take shape. All Smart Services are part of the comprehensive OPTIMA Total Care life cycle management program and are available to all of Optima’s business unit customers.

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