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nutraCoster celebrates 25th anniversary with software reboot

March 14, 2019
By Bakers Journal

Logo courtesy of SweetWARE

SweetWARE, the manufacturer of restaurant and bakery software, celebrates the nutraCoster’s 25-year anniversary with the announcement of the general release of nutraCoster Professional 3.0.

This latest version of the recipe nutrition labeling, nutrition analysis and recipe costing software calculates complete nutrition for any serving size, and creates Nutrition Facts labels for the US, Canada and Mexico, including bilingual and multi-column labels.

It creates US 2016-style and 1994-style labels, Canada 2016-style and 2007-style labels, and current Mexico labels.

The program also accounts for nutrient changes during processing, such as water loss during baking, fat gain during frying, etc.


Another feature for the system calculates calories for restaurant menu labeling, and creates a regulation-compliant nutrition grid for restaurants to meet the additional nutrition information requirement.

nutraCoster Professional also calculates complete recipe cost for any size batch, including materials, packaging, labor and overhead costs for any recipe, menu item or entire menu. It will calculate gross margins and/or selling prices, and determine your gross profit.

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