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Nutella makers seeking non-professional tasters

July 30, 2018
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of the Ferrero company

Ferrero, the Italian confectionary company best known for its chocolate hazelnut spread, “Nutella,” is looking for  up to 60 non-professional “sensory judges.”

Chocolate testers no longer have to be professionally licensed chocolatiers or food scientists; Mondelēz recently started hiring  externally through the general public for their tasters, as well.

The vacancies were posted online on behalf of Soremartec Italia, Ferrero’s research and development company. The qualifying candidates must be computer-literate, and “free of allergies and diseases,” which might interfere with olfactory senses.

Up until now, Ferrero had trusted the judgment of internal staff, but in an effort to expand the company’s reach, they are hiring to the general public. The selected candidates will be required to attend a three-month paid training course in the fall, where the new hires will learn how to articulate their sense of smell and taste of raw ingredients, semi-finished and finished products.


Following a successful completion of the course, candidates will be hired on a four-hour a week contract in the northern Italian town of Alba, which houses the Ferrero headquarters.

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