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Nourish Marketing’s finds shifts in food trends

December 3, 2018
By Bakers Journal

Where consumers in 2018 were concerned with “disruptions” in the food industry, 2019 will be about “shifting,” according to Nourish Marketing. 

The new trend report published by Nourish marketing noted that last year’s ftrens were about disruption in the way we source and purchase food, changes in when and how we eat, and the the intersection of technology and food. 

The upcoming year appears to be focused larly on the shift from “mindful” eating to “virtuous consumption” from emotion eating towards more mindful, hunger-based food changes. Nourish’s report states that there will be more focuses on gut health, as more consumers are becoming more interested in learning about the human microbiome. 

Last, the report discusses the effect that packaging and waste will have on consumers. As more awareness surrounds plastic usage and climage change, more clients are concerned about how their food system might be contributing to pollution. Reducing plastic bags and wasteful packaging were among the concerns that this study had mined. 


 The overal trend for sugar, and flour will likely remain the same, however, interest in how and where ingredients were sourced will change, as blockchain is making information more accessible for consumers and bakeries alike. 

Nourish’s trend report can be read here:

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