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Non-stick bakeware

February 6, 2008
By Ticona

Non-stick bakeware

Recent advances in polymer science have many in-store and industrial
bakeries re-examining their use of metal baking pans and trays. New
Vectra(r) liquid crystal polymer (LCP) bakeware, from Ticona
Engineering Polymers, is proving to be stronger, more rigid and better
at withstanding the heat of industrial ovens than previous plastics.

These new LCP pans cost about the same as their metal equivalents, but
are nonstick and don’t require recoating or reglazing. Since the pans
are made of LCP, their non-stick surface cannot wear off, which often
occurs with PTFE- or silicone-coated pans. Vectra LCP can be injection
molded to form any size or shape baking tray, cake tin, and bread and
muffin pan for standard and seasonal breads, pastry and other baked
goods. These thin-walled LCP pans weigh 30 per cent less than
comparable coated and uncoated metal pans, yet withstand the rigours of
industrial and in-store baking facilities to give an extended service

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