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Non-GMO status for Boulart Inc.

April 15, 2015
By Bakers Journal

April 15, 2015, Toronto — Boulart Inc. has recently acquired Non-GMO Project Verified status for the extensive range of its premium breads, adding to a comprehensive list of impressive qualitative characteristics synonymous with the Canadian industrial bakery.

For more than eight years, Boulart has acted as a corporate companion, offering category management, brand support, and supply chain development for businesses looking to grow their bread vertical – whether for retailers, major restaurant chains, or small specialty shops. With the introduction of Non-GMO Project Verified certification, Boulart Inc. is one of the first industrial artisan bakeries to acquire such a designation for a robust range of products. This is just another way Boulart raises the bar of what businesses should expect of their bakery suppliers.

Boulart’s state-of-the-art, 125,000-square-foot production facility near Montreal was meticulously designed based upon the revolutionary vision of company founder Michel Saillant. Staying true to its origins, Boulart is the epitome of the “industrial artisan” concept, ensuring each baguette, demi-baguette, miche, or roll off the production line exhibits the brand’s core commitment to quality and authenticity.

To achieve this, Boulart’s bakery facilities are SQF certified and employ world-renowned traceability systems and controls. A fully automated process in 100 percent controlled preparation and production environments lets Boulart marry high-velocity production with high-quality output. And since transparency of labelling is an entrenched core value to the brand, no preservatives, additives, or added sugar is used to bake Boulart’s breads. Instead, the company’s unique long fermentation lends itself to developing the subtle nuances of flavours and aromas as well as increasing product resilience. The loaves are fully baked before they undergo a specialized flash-freezing, giving Boulart’s crusty breads an undeniably long-lasting shelf life and the ability to ship both across North America and world-wide with ease.

“Boulart is committed to constantly changing the game so the consumer never has to settle,” says company founder Michel Saillant. “From day one my vision for Boulart has been about challenging the status quo and bringing authentic artisan bread to the mainstream market without compromise. It’s never been about conforming to industry standards – it’s been about setting new ones.”

The company’s respect for nature, the artisanship of their products, and the trust built between clients and consumers stems from Saillant’s professional principles. As such, Boulart Inc.’s Non-GMO Project Verified status was easily bestowed since the company has always maintained a clean and transparent approach to bread production.

For businesses, Boulart’s Non-GMO Project Verified certification is a no-cost, built-in value addition that will speak to consumers’ growing desire for ethical edibles.

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