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More from Bakers Journal | Business | New Products | Events October 9, 2014
'Sandwich Snackdown' highlights child hunger
A Toronto bakery, foundation and school board have teamed up to help keep kids in Toronto well fed and busy after school hours.
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Mental health at work
Looking for ways to support your staff? Leading Canadian employers have committed to protecting and improving the psychological health and safety of their employees in order to reduce the costs of mental illness in Canada.
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Corbion Caravan

Corbion Caravan has over 100 years of experience delivering consistent quality to our customers. With a broad portfolio of ingredients including bread mixes, specialty bases, frozen dough, flour enrichment, emulsifiers, vitamin and mineral premixes, and functional ingredients, we serve a wide range of customer channels.

We use knowledge, agility, and dedication to deliver on ever-changing market demands. At Corbion Caravan, we ensure our products are innovative by uncovering new trends through analysis of industry data and conducting custom consumer research. Our future-focused thinking helps you deliver the products your consumers want.

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Cocktail desserts among recent baking trends
What's old is new as pastry chefs and bakers present the familiar in new ways, including whole grain and savoury pastries, cocktail desserts, and complex cookies. USA Today reports.
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APEC meeting yields partnerships with China, India, Japan
During a recent APEC forum in China and and trip to India aimed at strengthening long-term relationships and developing partnerships, agriculture minister Gerry Ritz announced Canada has signed an organic equivalency arrangement with Japan.
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Fortress Metal-detection software designed for Fortress models
Fortress Technology’s FM software for Fortress metal detectors is designed to be compatible with all Fortress detectors and can be installed on location on the Phantom and Stealth models.
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