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VIU professors, students to take international field trips
Vancouver Island University professors and baking and pastry students will learn about their craft on an international scale this year with a European sabbatical and a trip to Belize. The Nanaimo Daily News reports.
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Focus on employee experience
Canadian employers are not differentiating pay based on performance and may be underestimating how much employees value non-monetary factors.
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Chocolate Academy Chocolate Academy gets new home
Barry Callebaut’s Chocolate Academy centre will soon have a new home, including a tasting and sensory room, at 4850 Molson St. in Montreal.
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Direct marketing tool aims to help small businesses
Canada Post has launched an online tool aimed at helping small businesses create and carry out direct-marketing campaigns.
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ShuffleMix mixer designed to improve aeration
The ShuffleMix aeration mixer is designed to help improve the overall appearance of cream pies by providing better aeration and greater volume.
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