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ACOA dough helps McFadgen’s Bakery in Glace Bay expand
A Cape Breton bakery is growing with the help of a $129,000 repayable loan from the federal Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, reports The Chronicle Herald.
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George Weston to focus on growing gluten-free sector
George Weston is increasing its gluten-free baked goods as a way to lure in more customers and focusing on its Ace Bakery breads, reports The Canadian Press.
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Quebec-based Bridor expanding N.J. baking facility
Bridor, a manufacturer of European breads and Viennese pastry for the retail and foodservice industry, is expanding its U.S. facility.
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Complex bread wheat genome cracked
An international team led by a team of scientists from Canada, Germany, the Czech Republic and the U.S. has mapped the genome of bread wheat, reports National Geographic.
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Folates over folic acid for fortification, says U.K. study
Synthetic folic acid, the form taken in over-the-counter folic acid supplements, is not processed by the body in the same way as natural folates, the form found in green vegetables, indicates a U.K. study.
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