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More from Bakers Journal | Business | New Products | Events July 17, 2014
New halal labelling requirements
Come April 2016, food products labelled as halal will be required to provide the name of the certifying body.
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Industry vet creates bakers workshop
Peter Jacobs, a certified master baker with 35 years of experience, has made his dream a reality by creating a workshop for bakers.
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Ottawa seeks overhaul of how labels measure sugar intake
The federal government is proposing changes to packaged food labels in a bid to help consumers better understand the sugar content of the foods they eat, reports CBC News.
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Upscale oven maker expanding in Canada
The Alstoft family of American-based V-Tech Engineering/VenO America is growing its Canadian presence with a newly opened manufacturing facility and a recent acquisition.
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Researchers explore treatment of childhood obesity
A team of scientists and doctors will study children at weight management clinics affiliated with Canadian children’s hospitals to evaluate which interventions are working, reports
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Mettler Toledo data integration software
Mettler Toledo’s new software allows weighing terminal users to integrate weighing transaction data into PC databases.
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