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More from Bakers Journal | Business | New Products | Events September 26, 2013
Innovator of the Year finalists announced
Bakers Journal Innovator of the Year deadline has passed, and six bakeries have been shortlisted to win the title.
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M.O.F. chef opening new professional pastry program in Canada
Chef Christian Faure M.O.F. is rolling out a new professional program at the Maison Christian Faure international pastry school in Montreal on Nov. 1.
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BAC seeking industry feedback on sodium
The Baking Association of Canada (BAC) is conducting a survey on sodium reduction and inviting baking industry members to share their challenges and progress.
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Survey says Canadians attribute improved health to gluten-free diets
Eighty-one per cent of consumers who reduced or eliminated gluten from their diets said that they felt healthier, happier and more energetic, according to a new national survey.
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Pak Group opens new headquarters
Pak Group unveiled its new headquarters and baking lab early in September in Pasadena, Calif.
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