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Are you our next innovator?
Bakers Journal Business Awards nomination deadline is ending as of Aug. 31. Hurry, get your entry in today and you could be the next Innovator of the Year.
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Bakery spreads anti-bully message with cookies
The Sweet Ambrosia Bakeshoppe recently showered pedestrians with cookies, along with anti-bully messages tied to balloons, as a reminder to be sweet to everyone.
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Canadian pulse partners with Agriculture and Agri-Food
Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Gerry Ritz announced that the Government of Canada is planning to invest up to $15 million in funding, in partnership with the multimillion-dollar grower check-off investment.
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Consumer confidence increases, says survey
A survey shows that global consumer confidence rose in the second quarter with more optimistic perceptions about jobs, personal finances and spending intentions in the United States, China and Japan.
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Aim for perfection, find excellence
Perfect customer service is a goal. It’s not reality. It may be attainable sometimes, but there will always, at some point, be a mistake, a problem or a complaint from the customer.
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