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More from Bakers Journal | Business | New Products | Events February 14, 2013
Canada Bread CEO: We must adapt to inflation
Canada Bread Company will close two fresh bakeries in Canada in a bid to improve efficiency and reduce overheads as it reacts to food inflation and rising costs.
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Germany busts chocolate giants for price fixing
Eleven chocolate companies, including Nestlé and Kraft, have been fined more than $82 million for colluding to raise chocolate prices in Germany, while price fixing investigations continue in the U.S. and Canada.
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Encouraging better frontline decisions
Sometimes a manager's advice on customer care ends up making bad service even worse. Here are tips from Jeff Mowatt on training your staff to make better decisions.
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Unifiller Unifiller unveils new multistation depositor
The MultiStation features interchangeable fixed-nozzle templates, or adjustable centers for maximum versatility.
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