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Nestle study shows problems facing world cocoa supply
A recent survey by Nestlé found that Canadians know very little about where chocolate comes from or the threats to the global cocoa supply that need to be addressed to ward off a future without chocolate.
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Industry feeds Ontario’s economy
The Alliance of Ontario Food Processors has released its Economic Impact Report, showing a five-year increase in the value of the sector’s goods.
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Puratos Innovation Days

October 23-25, 2012.
Topics include The 'Golden Rules', Distinguishing your Flavours and Pastry and European Desserts.

For more information, or to register for one, two or all three events, please go to our website, or click 'Learn More'.

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Hands-off Vacuum Hands-off vacuum-operated bag lifter
A vacuum tube lifter that provides an ergonomically sound alternative to manual lifting for loading and unloading bags and sacks from skids, pallets, and conveyors is available from Anver Corp.
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Five greetings that boost walk-in sales
Quick, what's the typical greeting used most often by 60 per cent of retail stores? You're right if you guessed, "Can I help you?" writes Jeff Mowatt, who gives you five great ways to make more sales from your walk-in clientele.
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