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More from Bakers Journal | Business | New Products | Events August 30, 2012
Weston Bakeries closing in Regina
The Weston Bakeries in Regina will close its doors for good this fall, according to plant manager David Stevenson.
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Price, taste and brand overrule nutrition labelling
Research from the European Food Information Council (EUFIC) has shown that price, taste and brand overrule nutrition labelling when it comes to what makes consumers buy one food and drink product over another.
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Buckwheat flour boosts nutrition in gluten-free bread
Buckwheat flour significantly improves the nutritional and textural properties in gluten-free bread formulations, a study has found.
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Sustainability initiative tackles cocoa and coffee losses
The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative is making headway in preventing cocoa and coffee crop losses, improving supply and yields for manufacturers.
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