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Early thaw and late freeze lay waste to Ontario’s orchards
Normally at this time of year, orchards in Ontario would be awash in pink and white blossoms. But this spring, an unseasonably warm March followed by a series of freezing snaps have wiped out entire crops.
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Loblaws to remove artificial colours and flavours
Loblaws is banishing artificial colours and flavours from its signature President’s Choice line of products.
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Cacao and soy compounds show health benefits for women
Supplementation with cacao-flavonoids and soy isoflavones may improve levels of biomarkers of heart disease in postmenopausal, diabetic women, says a new study.
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Multiple emulsions may unlock sodium reduction options
Formulating foods using multiple emulsions may provide a way to produce reduced sodium foods and beverages without impacting on the perception of saltiness, says a new study.
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