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Salt intake a health challenge for aging populations
Industry efforts in salt reduction appear to be on trend with the health challenges of an aging population, which this year is a priority issue for the World Health Organization.
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Research casts doubt on benefit of nutritional labeling
Knowing more about the nutritional value of foods does not equate to increases in healthy eating and reductions in obesity, according to the findings of new research.
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Whole grain market to hit $27.6 billion by 2017
The global market for whole grain and high-fibre foods is set to reach a staggering $27.6 billion by 2017, as the U.S. continues to dominate the market, says a new report.
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Penny's demise worries small-business owners
The federal government's budget decision to axe the penny seemed like a cost-efficient move, but small-business owners say it will affect their bottom line.
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