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Ultimate Pie finalists to be announced Feb. 13
The Ultimate Pie contest sponsored by BakeMark deadline has passed, leaving Bakers Journal judges with the task of choosing three finalists, who will be announced on Feb. 13.
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Panera Bread expanding in Canada
Panera Bread opened its fourth Canadian location on Tuesday in downtown Toronto, marking the beginning of a rapid expansion plan for the American bakery café chain.
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Beautiful designs can be a Cakewalk Annex Bookstore Logo
Beautiful designs can be a Cakewalk

Margaret Braun’s Cakewalk: Adventures in Sugar reveals the secrets to beautiful cakes, including how to achieve perfect consistency for fillings and icing, how to mix colours to produce the right hue, and how to combine colours and motifs effectively.

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Invitation to bakers from Callebaut
Callebaut is celebrating its 100-year anniversary in chocolate with a special demo led by Philippe Vancayseele, its world wide technical advisor. The session will run at Humber College on Feb. 23.
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Cake maker ventures into bridal gowns
One cake maker has turned a dip in sales into an opportunity to grow her bakery by expanding into the bridal gown business.
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What’s next for digital coupons?
Couponing has seen unprecedented growth in the past decade due to a combination of factors, including recession and increased consumer interest in mobile technology.
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