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Judge rules gov't breached Wheat Board Act
A Federal Court judge has ruled that Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz breached the Canadian Wheat Board Act by making changes without holding a plebiscite among producers.
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Sugar prices to fall for 2012: Rabobank
Sugar prices for the coming year are forecasted to fall by 12 per cent as the market records a surplus for the first time in three years, financial service provider Rabobank reports.
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Dairy Commission hikes prices by 1.5 per cent
The cost of butter and other dairy products will go up next year.
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Barry Callebaut wins big at FIE
Malaysian cocoa plantation owner KLK Selbourne Estate won this year's Cocoa Industry Award for the best plantation in Malaysia after partnering up with Barry Callebaut for a joint agronomy research program.
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Running guru gives bakery his seal of approval
Marathon runner, author and Running Room founder John Stanton's endorsement is creating a culture of celebrity around Silver Hills Bakery products.
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