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Study questions sodium intake guidelines
Excess sodium consumption has been linked to higher rates of heart attack, stroke and heart failure, but a new study suggests having too little dietary salt may also be detrimental, at least in people already at risk for cardiovascular disease.
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Gluten-Free Certification Program launches in Canada
The Canadian Celiac Association has launched a new Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP).
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Cargill MacMillan Jr., heir to agribusiness fortune, dies
Cargill MacMillan Jr., the multibillionaire heir to the Cargill Inc. agribusiness fortune, has died in southern California.
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The art behind 'artisan' food products
What's really behind all those new "artisan" labels consumers are seeing in their supermarkets?
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Small U.K. bakery burned by Groupon
A bakery owner was forced to make 102,000 cupcakes after being swamped by customers taking up her cut-price Groupon offer.
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