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ECD BakeWATCH updates its Kill Step Calculator

September 11, 2020
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of ECD BakeWATCH

ECD BakeWATCH® announced an update to its popular Kill Step Calculator program.

The software revision, Kill Step 1.5.0, improves on simplicity and effectiveness for optimized productivity across global regions and integrates a new rule for accurate time above calculations throughout the profile. These enhancements add to an already-robust, highly-effective solution for FSMA compliance data generation and reporting routines.

Developed and introduced in 2017, ECD BakeWATCH’s Kill Step Calculator automation software has seen wide adoption as the most thorough and simple method by which to collect required data and produce FSMA documentation for the post-bake HACCP. Integrating the BakeWATCH M.O.L.E.® thermal profiler and a Windows-based Kill Step Calculator, ECD’s system has streamlined accurate bakery D-reduction reporting productivity for bakeries around the world. Through automated data collection and individual dough channel validation, Salmonella D-reduction report generation is achieved without complex, cumbersome exports to Excel.

“Endorsed and used by AIB and in alignment with its Kill Step protocol standards, the BakeWATCH tool has become the baking industry go-to resource for FSMA compliance,” says ECD BakeWATCH Product Manager, Ray Pearce in a press release. “As the software has become more widely integrated, our commitment to continuous improvement to ensure ongoing robustness for simple Kill Step verification is more important than ever. These latest software modifications address two key functional enhancements.”

  • Simplicity and effectiveness for international productivity with better internationalization: calculations are not affected by the use of commas or periods for decimal separation.
  • Adds a new rule for accurate time above calculations throughout the profile, even when temperature drops within the profile.

ECD BakeWATCH’s Kill Step software and M.O.L.E. MAP process analysis software are free downloads and can be accessed at For more information about these and other baked goods productivity tools, visit

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