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New source for gluten-free oats

April 14, 2016
By Doug Picklyk

Watson, SK — Building on its existing line of organic spices, herbs, and seasoning blends, the Saskatchewan-based Splendor Garden brand has launched its new line of Splendor Garden Oats, an organic gluten-free product.

“Splendor Garden oats are superior because every step in their supply line, from growth through processing, is monitored,” says company founder Colleen Haussecker, in a company release. “Having gluten-free oats that are also organic further assures customers that our products are non-genetically modified (non-GMO).”

Splendor Garden’s gluten-free, organic oats are sourced from the Yorkton, Saskatchewan-based processor, Grain Millers, Inc. Since launching its current milling system in 2013, Grain Millers has tested millions of pounds of gluten-free oats, certified to the QAI/NSF protocol P404-gluten free and to the organic standards of Pro Cert.

Splendor Garden will be selling these products in retail sizes (500g and 908g packages) as well as a bulk 11.34 kg (25lb) size for commercial use.


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